What structure of issues can be documented?

I am a very high intellectual individual that likes to put reasoning etc on the table to show up the errors that some individuals try to push at me or others in an undignified way.

I am not a judge and I am not being judgmental, I just work in a capacity to overlook viewings to always get a clarified form. I challenge, I do in-depth works of magnification, as I look to analyze and monitor situations people, etc around me that try to do things that need in-depth questioning. I am not dumb, I am not hurting from anything, etc, I just do reasoning in order to get full clarity of what is being done. I am not a woman that is hurt,  I am in full control of self, no one hurt me, I have no scars that can be easily opened up to bleed. I am an individual that is fully awakened to everything that is knowledgable, with wisdom and an understanding to enter into the world of secrecy, etc to show up whatever needs to be shown up. I go for structure and construction, foundations for good workmanship that can be achieved at the end to get good results. Things are never done without reason, there is always a string attached that someone wants to, or manage, whether it is in public or secret a string is attached. Some individuals just do things that they think should be overlooked, as they try to play and throw the blinding segments to others, they keep playing games, in a marriage, in a relationship, and life matters and they do not want to be questioned of slick and sticky areas that make no sense, as to be questioned for clarity. Some of their causes are never justified, to plainly follow, they should always be put, on the table to analyze and never follow, just to pull out the discrepancy of what lingers in, and bring out the truth of clarity to the forefront.

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