Touch By Black-The Feedback!

This is not a prejudiced article, this is just some truthful points that I'm making, and Yes! I am just saying.

So Individuals don't get on a high horse and act out a trolling way, as I said this article is just a highlighter so that some of you out there can be conscious of ways and actions among each other living in the world today.

Has anyone noticed how many individuals are being touched by the African American culture?

I am still wondering why some individuals act in a prejudiced way, just look around and you will see all individuals of color acting out the African-American way.

From the way they talk, walk,  dance, and dress, to the movements and signs with hands that relevance each other by the laying of hands on their chest.

And this is the same culture of individuals that some are bashing and trying to put down, individuals of black heritage in societies that were along for so very long.

You know what? Some individuals may not want to say, but each and every day more and more individuals all over the world are mimicking the African American culture and they are acting out the same ways.

From their attitudes and the way of speech, this African American culture seems to be a teacher that teaches.

It's a mimicking of copying as some individuals are so touched by black and when you look around you can see that it is a truthful fact.

And all over the world, you can see it as individuals constantly copy the dress of wears, the music they sing and play.

Even the words of a speech that comes out of their mouths, and the places that they go to as they go and hang out.

Everywhere you always see a representation of an African American culture, and It's being copied by some in all aspects of ways and it is in full view in societies all over the place.

And I am still wondering why some of the different nationalities are still fighting, when most of them, with this African American culture of ways they are so fully embracing.

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