There Should Always Be A True Higher Base To Understand What Is.

The conclusion of some theories has a rippling effect that sometimes puts individuals at a base to see, but the clarity isn't efficient and some don't understand as to comprehend the multitude of the verse. 

Some see it as mandatory because it's said by some important body but the base for understanding lays within oneself to be conscious enough to know the true depiction of verse. 

Religion has its own base for understanding its what the individual is putting their faith to believe. 

Science is a mere means of mankind's infatuation of a knowing, to find out what else is out there, what more can be done, how to do it, and with what. 

I would not say that without religion science is blind because it's the base for a mutual understanding for the individual or individuals to understand what is before them, it's just a means of understanding to depict what they see, know, hear, and feel to portray it in a lucent voice of conversation and identity for others and themselves to understand. 

So much is quired about religion and so much is quired about science, but the most depicted part of alliances is to understand what is true. 

What is actually a living organism and presence, a truth that is standing before you. 

Experiences all play a part in this monopoly of change as without experience what would mankind know? What would they feel? What would they sense and see? 

Religion does not come into play as what you understand will lay on you the individual accepting what is, in a term of understanding. 

Religion is a base of titles, dates, and deeds a concept that does not apply in this vocalized theory aspect.

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