Relationships-Dealing With Indecisive And Immature Ones

All over the world, men meet women and women meet men, and some carry on a relationship to full bloom.

Others meet halfway, some put everything and every way of themselves into it while others are undecisive immature, and still in a play discovery childlike mode.

Relationships are relationships and they all start the same way, with a potential mate trying to soothe the other into companionship with different means and ways of seduction.

Or ways that they think the individual will be pleased, with as they try to use their masculine or feminine way to entice the individuals' being.

From dinner to dates etc individuals are seduced into a way most familiar to some as the potential mate tries all that they can.

And some may achieve what they wanted to achieve and that is having a relationship with his or her mate.

And when it comes to relationships sometimes the ending is not as sweet as the beginning as sometimes the individual that you once knew just turned into a Jeckel and Hyde right before your eyes.

And it does go both ways not only with men but with women also, as some just start off a relationship on good terms of interest and after a few days, weeks or months they just start acting so differently than before.

And men and women never noticed at the beginning because they were so caught up in a whirlwind of days of being treated like a prince or princess, by what they taught were a very interested potential individual who may be that one.

And they just go along to see the scenario of play and what the ending will be to work out for them.

Going into relationships can be very stressful at times and I do understand why so many are living a single life.

Also going into a relationship is a very serious thing and sometimes you may find yourself fully committing to someone that has no interest at all in the relationship or you, just a fling.

As they are so immature and still in that stage of discovery in a child-like mode.

And any individual still in this kind of stance of ways will just be a waste of your time and energy because these kinds of individuals are never the seriously committed kind.

Maybe you taught that they were in the beginning, but things always change around for you to see clear as day.

And these kinds of individuals should not be allowed to enter your life as an ongoing serious relationship way.

Yes! Some do act mature in the beginning but as always his them bringing all they've got to the table to make you please, interested, and amused by them to think that they may be the one.

Always playing a part to get you all caught up with them for you to get a good viewing in your mind thinking of heart.

But things may not be what it always seemed to be as in a day, week, month, or two that same individual you got to know may end up acting so different.

There are all kinds of attitudes and personalities' in men and women and some individuals are out there still looking for that authentic individual that would be a potential and committed everlasting mate.

Sometimes I wonder if everyone took the same pill as to me most act the same immature and indecisive ways.

From being indecisive, intimidated by other's stance structure of life, and living to some that just could not make up their minds.

Then there are others that always seemed to be in that"trying to find self in life" mode.

And the eager beaver child-like mentalities of pursuing meaningless ventures that is just not beneficial at all.

And with the most common one attitude of the "Jeckle and Hyde" changing of personalities right before your eyes.

And the ones that are always saying things to enticed and all that is ever coming out their mouths is false hope and big lies.

Yes! They are all out there and I know that it's not men alone but women also have these kinds of changing personalities, immaturity, and indecisive ways.

That only put strain and stress on genuine individuals that are just looking for a companion for a committed relationship to spend their life long days.

Being immature does not help anyone going into a relationship all it does is back up production of your life.

As it tries to put a stall in your days of potential maneuvering to deal with an immature one and meaningless ways that are not defiant to your growth aspect of ways.

And it does add strain to your mental state.

You know! Someday individuals have to grow up and put away the childlike ways, and unfortunately, some don't.

They just go through life misunderstanding their life.

Just playing silly child-like games as they seemed never to be serious about anything not even to commit and have a proper relationship with a genuine and mind-heart individual that wants all growth and productive potential means of living.

I can see in so many ways why some individuals remain single because there are so many others out there with the reluctance of not trying to stabilize themselves in life.

As they are just on their life's merry go around the wheel of indecisiveness and immaturity.

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