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Quality,One must begin by offering the basic definition of Quality...The standard of something...

Updated: May 21

One must begin by offering the basic definition of Quality... The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. Is it hard to find a "quality"? In my opinion, a person of "quality" possesses honesty, loyalty, dependability, reliability, determination, ambition, inner strength, maturity, self-control, self-aware, ability to give and receive love, understanding, thoughtfulness, concern, and independence.

It is hard to find quality? Possibly and if so it is hard for a number of reasons. Speaking from the perspective of a person in a particular age group both men and women have "lived" and have or have not achieved goals and aspirations or have experienced heartbreak which can be difficult to overcome.

I have heard women express frustration over not being able to find a "quality" man; I can't tell you where they are hiding that's not what this post is about :-) If you want "quality", you must first possess what you are looking for. Never ask someone for something you do not possess or are not equipped to offer. I hear folks asking for an independent man or woman but they themselves are not independent. I know men who ask for an independent woman and then when they see or get one, they are intimidated by her. Do not be intimidated or feel emasculated by her... praise her and stand UP next to her and be proud of her.

Before you ask for an independent woman understand what you are really asking for because in "independent" woman is NOT asking you to straighten her crown or degrade her because what you asked for you don't understand. And the like... women want a man to be nurturing, loving and attentive BUT when they find him she does not know how to own it, appreciate it, and reciprocate it. If you are blessed with such a man appreciate him and show him that he is worthy and no one comes before him. Obtain quality for yourself. Never ask someone for something you don't possess or don't have to give. Know thy self and when you do, QUALITY will find you.

Just a thought - G.

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