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Oh no ain't no way 🤣 what does he have on and it's hot 😳outside

Updated: May 21

Now I don't know what is going on here. This guy here has on clothes that is not suitable for the weather that you see in this video. I want to know how can someone have that many clothes on and walk comfortably and if you notice not even break a sweat amazing. But aint no way I will be outside at the junkyard with all them clothes on as hot as it is. But you have some interesting people in this world if it makes him feel good To go out with whatever that is on his head Then Hey more power to you. But really what do you think be going through their mind That says I know it's hot outside today but I'm still gonna wear this hot hat and put on all these clothes. I need you guys to help me understand this because because I don't know maybe you can help me leave a comment like the video.

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