Natural Meditation

Updated: Jan 25

Meditation is what some spiritual individuals do, to find for themselves a state of peace of mind, a balance of self and awareness prospects, their surroundings, and to connect to their God and to find out their source of life.

Some individuals used methods to accelerate their meditative state, and I just want to say that a drug-fuel way of meditation is not the right way.

What is meditation when it is fueled, fused, and orchestrated by manipulation means?

Natural meditation is a natural being at

A natural alignment, a natural way, a natural sense of awareness that helps you along the way, with a sense of direction that will open your spiritual eyes and ears.

Some individuals used methods of a false push into a meditative stance and a natural door will not open if one is using a false method at hand.

It's a meditation, a dedication, a true commitment of way, with a natural alignment that will help show you the right way.

Drugs will not help produce a meditative state, all they would do is give you Hallucinations, keep you wide awake, and put you at hell's gate.

As you will get put in the negative realms of spiritual influences all around, drugs are only a conductor that will falsely and dangerously push you along.

Yes! Your eyes will be opened but to what realm and extreme? Not the one that you supposed to be in but a devious realm of hell that will have you begging and crying on your knees.

A realm that used a camouflaged way to trick you into a false mind of being seen, that what you meditate for is not what you will truly see before thee.

You must all understand that pushing meditation by using drugs is dangerous as it opens up a devious gateway, with manipulating elements that are just out to trick your true path.

A natural meditative state is a wholesome being that is wide awake and it will know it's a true alignment of way, from a devious orchestrated fuel deception of ways.

Spiritual discerning is needed all around for individuals to understand and know a spiritual world working in a physical world.

And with spiritual discerning, any conscious individual will know as all their senses will be wide awake to distinguish God's truthful love and ways from the enemies' false blunt cold walled up love of false documentation, individuals, passages, and ways.

True genuine love is always missing when it comes to a false way and it's never hard to identify if one is spiritually and consciously awake and aware to tell the difference.

With some individuals that I had experience with the word love will come from their mouth but their heart and body never showed, speak, or portray that true love or its essence.

Which only showed me that it was never a true way.

I'm at a height of spirituality and I'm going to go as far as I can go to be empowered so that I, in turn, can empower all.

As the eyes of the blind must be opened at all costs for them to wake up out of the false worldly dream that they are in to see truths and know truths for what it truly is.



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