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Man explains how it took courage to have ACDF surgery on two levels in his neck.

Updated: May 21, 2023

In this video a man explains how it took a lot of courage to go and have a surgery that he never expected to happen to himself. A lot of times in life we encounter situations that we have to make a determination on whether we want to live or pretty much die because as I see in this video hes talking about a situation that could have left him paraplegic. But instead he went forward and having a surgery I know that's Something like this is very scary because because think about it they have to go into his neck to remove 2 disk from off of a spine that's serious. I commend him on having the courage To go through the surgery the surgery and also hopefully this will inspire other people who have similar issues to go have the surgery instead of letting them problems get any worse. So thanks if you guys like the video please leave a comment and like.

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