Losing Weight The Natural Way- Believe In Yourself.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Trying to lose some extra weight is not a bad thing and anyone that divert to this way should not be humiliated. 

Having extra weight on your body can be very uncomfortable and unhealthy. 

In a wayward way of a world that we live in, where now some are getting procedures done to take off extra weight, I'm not an individual that will find myself on that path as I believe always in a natural way to do things. 

Don't get me wrong and please don't get my words tied up Okay!  

I do know that some individuals have to do some surgeries to help out of some life-threatening situations but as far as cosmetic surgery goes to change your outer look that is something that I don't believe in doing, as I said, I believe in doing things the natural way to get results. 

Individuals out there try to go on a path of losing weight with diets, pills, exercise, and even starving themselves to get that ‘‘ Good Look. ’’

And most of the time they always fall back into their old ways of unhealthy eating and not exercising. 


When anyone is on a path to losing weight, first they need the motivation of self, they need to tell self ‘‘ I Can Do This. ’’ Yes! Some do get motivated by others, but what happens when that person is not around or able to present themselves to their works of weight loss regime? You the individual will not find the need to be motivated anymore.  As I said, ‘‘ Motivate Self. ’’ You'll be surprised how much weight you can lose with the right mentality to do the right things.  I found that losing weight can be so easy when you have strong willpower and a strong mentality of heart to always do things the natural way to get effective results. 

I lost 30lbs in three months not once but twice, I not only wanted to challenge myself, I also wanted to lose weight and see how much I can lose as I motivate myself to do it.  Also, I wanted to make a note of how easily and effectively it can be done when you know what you're doing and how to do it.  I never used pills, never went to the gym and I never starved myself, I just maintain healthy eating but with less disposition of food.  Instead of pep drinks, I used water and drank water with everything I ate, I would only drink a fruit juice when my body needed sugar as an absorbent to help with the body.  I walk a lot like an exercise routine and I stop eating anything heavy after 5 pm.  In the morning I started off with a hot cup of tea that helps me start my day, hot tea to me is essential as it removes the air and burns out anything that doesn't belong :) A small bowl of cereal I would use without milk or sugar and when I'm finished I just drank a glass of water that kept me full. 

For lunch, I will prepare normal food but my intake I would use a smaller dish instead of a large dish that I was so accustomed to.  And for dinner another cup of hot tea with some very lightly salted crackers, then some water later in the night.  First I noticed the weight on my face was going, then my shoes were slipping off my feet.  My waistline was getting smaller and my clothes were getting bigger on me.  I stayed at home and did some squats, lounges, and lifts to tone my body and the definition started appearing after a week.  I started off with 10 then 15 then 25 until I got to 50 and those exercises I did early every morning before I went to work, took a bath and my body felt good :)

I was asked by some people if I was in the gym and was told that I looked like 16 years old.  You know! Sometimes Individuals set out to lose weight and when you look at them they don't look so healthy they just look like they are tiring out and starving their bodies and their skin color, texture, and tone look so worn out.  Losing weight and looking unhealthy? That's not the way to lose weight, you must always maintain a stable structure for muscle growth, weight loss, and body healing.  Doing too much too fast will only make the body weak, and the immune system will eventually break down, causing the individual to get sick all the time.  As the body will have more jobs of healing muscle mass etc with the other duties of maintaining itself, and for a while, that will confuse it a bit. 

As far as taking supplies I never trusted

them, I believe in using the natural elements of resources to get whatever nutrition I may need.  Mentally I understand my body and I know what it wants, what it doesn't want, and why it wants it.  Losing weight the natural and effective way lets your body acknowledged that you are in control and you will work along with its necessary needs.  Not pollute it with unhealthy things that it doesn't necessarily need.  When I lost the 30 pounds, my body adapted to a new way, my stomach got smaller thus only allowing me to eat small portions, which was the necessary potions that I knew it needed, healthy things that will help my body maintain good movement, growth, muscle tone, appearance, and energy.  When you lose weight the natural way you feel good in body, mind, and heart, your appearance will change to a more defined you, but never to an overworked structured of you, because you are able to maintain and handle your body restructuring at a timely pace.  Doing too much too fast is not good for the body, it just confuses the body and makes it weak, that's why Individuals that do strenuous exercises, etc after just go on a protein binge, to try to get back what they lost so fast.  And some of them start looking weak in the eyes, soft on the skin, and loses the balance of self, which is maintaining a healthy way, they tend to strive on all artificial contents to absorb in a wrecked body. 

Anyone can lose as much weight the natural way if they want to, it just takes motivation of self-strong willpower, a strong mind and heart to get the job done.  And mentally, spiritually, and physically you don't feel burn out, you just feel refresh, light, and energized, and that's a good feeling to have Yes! Always a natural feel from natural works :)

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