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Life is tough on the streets 😪 man explains his story very touching 😢

Updated: May 21, 2023

Here we have a Fontana native who explains the story I was just driving one day and I seen him sitting behind a Taco Bell and I was wondering what he was doing. So I asked him was he hungry and he said yeah so I offered to buy him a meal when I looked at 1 of those big old Grande nacho Meals that they had there Taco Bell. So I decided to get him that you know thinking that will be something that will fill him up but, when he got the food he was really happy about getting it as if he hadn't eaten the food in a while. I asked him what his story was and then he began to explain to me just how tough it is out here and how he really tries and wants to change and wants to do better but it just seems like it's very difficult For him to get Pass the type of temptations that hes living around every day.The story that he was explaining to me I can't understand why people cannot go through the things they go through. I mean we all have to take a self reflection on what we do and where we want to be at. We have to make those decisions and that harmful determination about separating ourselves from our temptations, our desires from the goals of these it is more pointless so watch the video and I really hope you guys Like the video if so just leave a comment and tell me what you think.



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