Let's Look At This Today-Religion? What About It?

There are individuals out there who have this thing for religions, and they base it on a way to make others think that with the right religion they are walking the right way.

Just a minute here! Just look around at all the religions around, it's like a chess game of some kind of trying to find a needle that has fallen in a haystack on the ground.

Religion should not be confusing, in fact, nothing should be confusing or causing stress, and by now everyone should know where the confusion comes from in religion clarified attributes.

Religion is what? Names, titles, dates, and deeds, and it's not about religion but about the true source of one's existence knowing to whom they belong and showing the truth of Love to everyone.

Religions are just mere descriptions, and just like science, they are inquisitive research with a base for information.

Faith, on the other hand, is the understanding of one's belief to do what is right and maneuver in ways accruable.

And hope is the structure that you base your faith upon to understand and know that there is a better way and things will get better someday.

The only and true religion that everyone should have is a religion to be pure and faultless as to look after each other, orphans, widows, and others in their distress,  and keep yourself from being polluted by the wayward ways in societies in the world.

Religion is not about naming, it's about doing as in helping someone out not having a high profile in a building called church taking from them and half the congregation needs helping out.

Real religion is about helping the sheep, the people the masses, not taking what little they have in their bank accounts or purses.

Individuals need to know right from wrong and know when to help their brotherman that has fallen weary on earth's life living on the ground.

It should be about a sharing, caring, showing, and showering of true ways, it's not about dressing up all fancy to go to a small or big building somewhere.

Having a relationship with your source of life and be conscious enough to see how you are made to live.

It's about individuals gaining alignment of knowledge wisdom and understanding to see the truth in every lie of things.

The Holy man has wisdom and the prudent man's failure, so It's wise to be wise.

Life is all about integration for everyone, and with peace comes productive and positive ways, that is why so many are fighting because they know with peace and love there will be a positive change and some don't want that, they just want to control others like animals on neck chains.

Just like a business so many religions are around, it's like going shopping in some store in town.

And all of them are different and preach different things, all selling different wares of manmade things.

Some preach that killing individuals is the right thing to do, hmm!  Is this a genuine way of a God who confesses of everlastingly loving you?

What do some know about religion what do they really know? When most of them are being taught by empty vessels that cannot get the Holy presence through their doors.

Individuals masquerading with so much pride and when they see a needy person on the street they tend to turn a blind eye.

You see! The bible is the word of God manipulated by mankind in sequences to alter mankind's way of thinking, just like every other way.

Common sense is that with everything and way that man has manipulated or tried to,  to control mankind, yes! they would have first started with the bible.

The book of intrigue that every religion wants to read.

And with everything else manipulated by man's hands you approach with caution and awareness.

Some say that they are praying for you but really and truly they are preying on you so individuals please know the difference.

Accepting what they will call a pray might be a prey so follow your being of instincts before you accept their prey.

Some pray to a being that some don't recognize, and individuals are just so brainwashed that they still sit on the benches in the building of crowded aisles.

It's not about religion it's a relationship and nothing else should not be added to it.

Some individuals want to be leading the flock because there is money in it and some so look at the money, the big buildings, and the big vehicles that carry their bodies.

Church has now become a business, as you can see everywhere, from a small door and in a few months up high it goes up in the air, and the constant calling of an offering of $10$20, $50, $100, and $100 makes one feel like they are in an auction house somewhere.

Just like tithing that has been misused and misrepresented by man for their own agenda.

Every individual needs to know for themselves to take control and protect your soul your true being inside, the true essence of delivery where your creator resides.

Individuals need to be conscious and wise they need to have their inner ears and eyes open wide.

Sitting in the building being taught by individuals who don't have the essence of truth in their being will only pollute you, and you will not see the truthful growth in you, all they will be doing is stifling the true inner you.

Individuals out there are just like ornaments on shelves holding dust and looking dim.

Then they will ask themselves, why they are always in church and their lives aren't going forward and moving.

The truth always sets you free but the false ways always keep one controlled and on begging knees.

And you the individual will know the truth from the lies when your soul reads through the pages of the bible or any book with your inner eyes.

Any conscious one with spiritual eyes open will see the flaws in the words and pages when you see and hear the elements entwined while trying to read and your inner being questioned the pages.

And as always your true existence of being will keep you conscious and aware of what the natural eyes do not see.

A truthful growth standing is a true sturdy and strong foundation so it's wise to be very conscious of individuals who preach but not with the true love of essence.

The veil has been lifted and as every day passes, you will see more conscious and aware, the truth will be revealed to all in every situation and individuals will see the true light, not a false way that was incorporated by man to control others and dim their true essence of lights



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