Jealousy In a Relationship

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Jealousy is an aspect, an infiltration in thought, that many could get overthrow and take over by, a way that could cause harm sometimes when pushed past the limit and unto the treacherous ground. What and how the mind of infiltrated thinking thoughts, put things into a spectrum of portrayal, in an area view sometimes in a jealous way, which can be damaging to self or others, etc.

Jealousy can and does get in the way of many individuals, relationships,  there can be a turn around of events if not properly handled and controlled.  Why do individuals let jealousy inhabit their wellbeing? Why do they torment themselves and others by a showing of this way? Jealousy can be prolonged differently to another depends on how it's applied to the passage as anger, hurt, or just a  show of and to control mechanism. Jealousy is present in many people,  and it can materialize from almost anything that does not suit an individual's preference for liking. Many days some individuals are controlled by a jealously, and some take it to a height of extreme of not being able to pull it back in control.

Being overly jealous does not solve problems, it does not lay a good foundation or structure to walk on,  does not motivate good positioning into a committed way, it just pushed away good growth aspects and motives of individuals wanting to go forward with the individual in truths. An overly jealous mate can be very overwhelming, and it can put a strain on a relationship.  I always ask individuals why the jealous way, why put yourself with someone if you are of an insecure standing when the trust should always be in a relationship, and if you do not know that person to trust them enough why remain? Jealousy could also come from not trusting individuals and from wanting to secure, control, or show dominance overall. I am not saying that you should let your mate run loose without showing any kind of consideration or care aspect, one can but the jealousy does in no way show care it just shows insecurities in and of self. Of course, there should be some care showed, an appreciation through a commitment, a guarantee secure commitment with the other one. Being bias and intimidated by everything that one may think is intrusive in all passages, will only continue to cause drama and it will put a strain on the relationship. The borderline to understand self and others must be applied, for a true structure of respect and trust to work.

Maturity needs to be the highlight of an understanding to know each other and self, to be able to deal with anything that may cause a jealous rage thus compromising a situation.etc. The over jealous way is not profitable in relations or other, it is just a journeying procedure to deplete whatever it touches. They undermine and derange way needs to be calmed, stabilized, and tutored into a better positioning to see acknowledge and identify self, and the reasoning matters that may arise, to solve them a better way. Showing an outburst of jealous that would only lead to bad communication between others, is not what is going to build a relationship, it only puts the relationship unto many rocky grounds, A decision has to be made and maturity needs to be there as to control self,  control needs to be gathered to be a good benefactor and guide to push back a jealous rage. A show of care should always adapt in a relationship, but the overly jealous tendencies will hamper and hinder it.

Having self-control and the knowledge of self as many disciplinary actions, to accommodate situations in meaningful ways can be achieved if one can balance the intrusions, as not to let them push and propel them or the relationship unto harsh grounds. The limit must be pulled back with the overly jealous rage, reasoning of truth must be applied to the applications of the relationship, to get good works, movements, and benefit structures in it and others. Respect and self-control should always gather, many disciplinary actions that should always be applied to self to respect and trust the person that is part of the equation and to get over all insecurities of self.  


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