In Life- That Great Pushed Forward.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

In the life of mankind's living, there should always be the need to be independent and to separated from the wayward, negative people and elements, etc that do not evolve, motivate or help one's structure to evolve and grow.

It takes great energy, strength, will power, the Faith of Hope, and Focus to go on to help push oneself forward and to never give up, and a lot of individuals are loosing so much unnecessary energy daily because they don't know the truth.

They are being hounded by elements, experiences, and individuals that try to portray a devious niceness in life that carries so much camouflage in ways, one must be able to stay strong and be conscious enough to know what really is, try using whatever tries to damage you as " Stepping Stones " to go above and not below with the circumstances, etc.

You know! They are always out there, the individual that tried to pull some off their true paths, that's why individuals need to be strong, focus and in control of self to know the distraction that sometimes comes deviously sugar-coated.

Life is never a burden, it's a breathing essence, a living embodiment that gives a conscious way to live as one breathes and evolves.

And it's for each individual to find their true way, walk on it and evolve into immaculate spectrums of life as they find their higher self.

It's in a life of living in societies in the world that all live in that some individuals may find challenges that may try to hamper their way, but as always one must be fully aware, strong-willed, and have the Faith of Hope to know, that too will pass, never stay on whatever passing procedure it may be to get distractingly engulfed.

A lot of individuals think that their lives are hard, and to tell the truth, it's not, as their life is always going on, it's living volumes and they should always evolve and go on.

Individuals should never let any failing structure of an element or other discouraged them from going on, everyone has life, meaningful life, and anything and anyone that does not help in ushering meaningful aspirations into your life is only on an agenda and that is to see you fail, and you need to be detached right away.

Always know your true worth, and those around you that you call friends, which merely are acquaintances and that is people you meet along the way, everyone seems to want friends but they could never handle the benefits of fakeness when the camouflage is taken off.

By now everyone should know what hurt is, what pain is, what struggle is, what abuse is, what neglect is, yes! What a broken heart is.

And at this point also everyone should know what fakeness is, what deceit is, what intimidation is, and what greed is, and they should know what true Love really is.

This learning process in life can be a challenge but at the end of everything one should be made stronger, be more focused, have more self control in will power, and be able to have a sense of understanding what really is and how to maneuver the right way.

Some may go on a life of living on their own as a loner to have no interruptions from anyone or anything, that does not develop them, motivate or lift them up in truthful ways.

And it's not wrong living as a loner as one gets to control their space, their life to know and understand themselves and the benefits that they would allow into their life from anyone or anything that may try to come forth.

But one thing I must add here is that being a loner should not be mixed with anger, hatred, or anything as that would just be a base for isolation and bitterness.

Everyone's life should go on living despite whatever they may have gone through or is going through, everyone has a purpose in life and everyone must evolve.

Individuals should never worry about anything to make those things burdens, or those burdens would turn around and be their reality.

Yes! Those situations and circumstances that some continue to manifest in mind, spirit, and heart until they engulf them in stress, worries, heartbreaks, etc.

Individuals should never let their focus etc be off-balance by ignorant people and situations, non-beneficial fields of environments, etc, the life that individuals are living isn't made for torment, etc that is why they don't handle it too well, torment, etc are all invasive intruders

For instance! When an individual is in a peaceful place without any disturbances etc they feel free, light, beautiful, and as soon as they go into an environment that flows with confusion, etc that individual starts feeling sick, etc, reason being, they don't belong in harsh environments, etc and their true being knows that.

Always know your boundaries and who or what you will take into your life and space.

Individuals! Always find your true way, try to find the true you, and if you find true-hearted acquaintances that are determined to add more balance, etc into your life of living, so be it, welcome them with open arms, anything, or anyone else who does not and don't!

As anyone or anything that always tries to disrupt, disturb, or destroy you, mentally, physically, or spiritually is just out to see you fail and fall, get away from them immediately.

Living alone and at peace with self etc and emotionally stable with independence in hand is a good place to be in and a good suit to wear,  as you gain great knowledge of who you are and where you belong and you get to avoid any intruders etc with ignorant intrusions

Yes! So many Individuals are tired of the dramas, the pain, abuse, neglect, tribulations, etc that they all went through and they need a place with much time to have that mindset to be just at peace without meaningless disruptions, etc.

And you know what? Everyone needs it and in time they will get it when they find their true way.

Anyone can achieve this stance if they are willing to try and never give up or into ignorance.

Learn self-control, stay strong, keep the faith of Hope stays emotionally stable, never lose yourself into the meaningless.

In the life of living everyone has been taught, it's for them to learn from the gathering of teaching to put them into play as tools against each trade, from mistakes, try to erase them by not doing them again, from abuse try not to go into the same situations, from anger, forgive and release, from burdens, don't hold on to errors to make them build-up, do the major and deal with the minor in time.

The list can go on, but it's always for the Individual to help balance themselves out, why let situations, etc in life off balance you when you can see them in a different way, the true way that can help you?

Individuals need to handle things differently, as not to let those things be the wrecking balls in their lives.

Everyone by now should know that in life there is always someone out to lead them on to the wrong path, and in a life of living, they do come at you one after the other like they are being thrown out.

And the motives are all about trying not to let you accomplish your task of the true living to evolve.

Yes! They come with enticements, the sweet mouth of words all sugar-coated, etc and to the fully conscious they are so recognizable, yes snakes do shed their skin but at the end of the day it's still a snake and it will still bite you.

It's just different people, different times, and places but they all still have the same motive of agendas and that is to stop individuals from achieving their true way.

You see! Achieving your true way is what's going to make one the highlight of their living in ways most accruable for life.

The spontaneous effects of the boost that it gives one is tremendous in the spiritual realm.

Never denounce yourself or the true natural abilities that you have to get through life and achieve to evolve.

When you are truly willing to know the truth even of yourself you will find the truth of all things.

That's the puzzle piece to your life's picture, will it and you will find it.

Don't ever let the meaningless try to stop you when deep within your core you know there is the true you of existence to have, to know, and to break free.

Try pulling yourself from meaningless places, people, situations, etc when your inner voice tells you too, don't try to please anyone when it's just going to hurt your journey.

Don't give in and never don't give up!

Never give in to the intruders with the intrusions and never give up to be the true you, you will thank yourself someday, always try to hold a peaceful way, be always in control of you.

Avoid being in a vulnerable state, that is like a calling card to the predators, always remember that in a life of living, it's never to go weary or worn out, so anything or anyone that is draining your life's energy only has one agenda and that is not to help you.

Be wise and act accordingly.

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