Alcohol -The Mind Manipulator And Body Destroyer.

Alcoholic beverages are based on elements that destroy the body and can lead to addiction.

As alcohol is a strong drug that manipulates the mind, it triggers a false consciousness of being that erupts with uncontrolled means all the time.

It puts the mind and body in a semi-unconscious state, but some parts of your body still remain awake.

It's a false numbing a mind playing a manipulation of the sort, and with alcoholic status on the rise, this drug in all kinds of mixed up solutions can be easily bought.

When alcohol is digested it immediately attacks the mind and body, it channels unwanted ways that leave the drinker unable to help themselves or have control of their bodies.

With heavy drinkers it's just a bubbling of words from the mouth, a body that can not stand straight and a mind so tainted that it can't remember the address to get to its house.

It just leaves heavy drinkers in a bad state of being, which makes them ignorant vessels for everyone to see.

And in the morning it's always a big headache because the alcohol interfered and did much damage to the mind that's why a big headache comes after you are fully awake.

Heavy drinking fuels false documentation in memory of mind, it makes some individuals angry at others all the time.

With taunts of hurting somebody when they get alcoholic angry, with bodies controlled by a drug that makes some think that they are mighty.

And the weak one's alcohol just leaves in a staggering state, their minds are dumbfounded and their bodies are semi-awake.

They cannot feel anything even if you pinch them, it's the way the alcohol works as it numbs them.

And after years of heavy drinking look at the body look at the frame, it just looks swollen and after it withers and looks blunt, why does anyone think about drinking alcohol heavy when all it does is leave them looking like a ghost of themselves?

And whether it's alcohol or a hardcore drug as anyone can see all of them do the same thing, they just leave individuals destroyed and does a mind-body manipulating.

They are all addicting just to slow down manipulate and destroy an individual's minds and bodies, and any kind of drug is never good for anybody.

All these drugs are meant to do is to manipulate and destroy as they take away the user's willpower.

And without a will you have no say, you have no consciousness to know you have no way.

Just a daily regime of drinking or doing drugs and that is not what living life should be about.

Clean up your act, and empower yourself with the truths and facts.

Stop with the heavy alcoholic drinks and the hardcore drugs that leave you drunk and unconscious as you lay somewhere on your back.

Why the addiction to drink alcohol, it is a very potent and dissolving agent of an element, it dissolves the human body, families, jobs, financial savings, and neutrons but never problems



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